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At the recent annual international forum NAIS-2019 in Moscow, Aviagrand took an active part in the Lifecycle Management and the problems of maintaining airworthiness conference , where specialists in this field discussed the topic in the current economic and political conditions.

One of the most difficult tasks at this stage – is the systematic transition of operators to the practice of registering leased civil aircraft in the Russian Register.

Obviously, this requires significant efforts by all participants in the aviation industry to harmonize the applicable aviation rules and the practical application in their activities.

Paying attention to the rather intensive development of civil aviation, production technologies and operating methods, Aviagrand offered its vision regarding the processes of assessing the airworthiness of promising aircraft, including the issues of maintaining and upgrading the skills of experts conducting relevant inspections and evaluations.

The presentation aroused keen interest of the conference participants – among the operators, as well as the manufacturers of modern aviation equipment.

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