Audit of a foreign maintenance organization on behalf of the Russian operator

In July 2019, at the request of one of the Russian Business Aviation Operators, our certification center conducted an audit of a foreign maintenance organization located in Germany.

The need for an audit was determined by the certification requirements of FAR-246 for monitoring organizations performing maintenance work on the Operator's aircraft in accordance with the agreements, as well as the airline’s need to monitor the quality of services provided by third parties.

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19 March 2020 – We confirmed compliance with OTAR-39 requirements, and our temporary 3-month approval was renewed for almost 2 years.

OTAR-39 Certificate

23.12.2019 – We have received the OTAR-39 certificate, which allows us to provide services for maintaining the airworthiness of aircraft registered in Bermuda. This indicates a stable expansion of the

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