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We offer a wide range of consultancy services to our Customers. These include support and consultancy through the approval/certification process (e.g. subject to the Russian Federal Aviation Rules, EASA, IOSA, and ISO  requirements, as well as independent auditing. Subject to the Customer's needs we can provide targeted consultancy services or a full support of the project up to receiving of the approval/certificate.

Our team, which conducts physical inspection of aircraft and data condition, consists solely of the experts, which have experience in working on the specific aircraft type, and which have all necessary knowledge in this field.

In our work we ensure a maximum flexibility in order to reduce Customer's costs. The documentation can be checked digitally (desktop check), and the aircraft can be inspected at any place prefered by the Customer.

For Aviation Enterprises (incl. Aircraft Operators, Maintenance Organisations, Continued Airworthiness Organisations, DOA/POA, Training Centers etc.)

Certification Center offers preliminary assessment of aircraft and related records during aircraft choosing and delivery  inspection.


It is possible to issue Airworthiness inspection report with recommendations for CofA renewal and proposals for optimizing of continuing airworthiness processes while airworthiness inspections activities.

For aviation enterprises we are glad to offer the services that follow:


- Preparation and support during certification process for compliance to Federal Air Transport Agency regulations  (FAP 285, Part 21, Part М), EASA (Part-21, Part-145), BCAA (OTAR 145, OTAR 39), IOSA, ISO 9001;

- Independant audits for compliance to above reguations and efficiency improvement recommendations development, if required;

- Aircraft Airworthiness Review in accordance with approved scope of work;

- Aircraft and records prepurchase inspections;

- Aircraft delivery/redelivery assessment;

- Analysis of maintenance programm and MEL efficiency;

- Evaluation of maintenance services agreements and maintenance costs analysis;

- Trainings (in partnership with Training Center «Aviator»);

- Aviation technical publications translation (in partnership with «Aviaizdat»).

For Aircraft Lessors

Certification Center proposes mid-lease inspections and assessment of aircraft and related records during scheduled airworthiness inspections of aircraft with respect to redelivery conditions.

Thus, the risk of losses in cost of aircraft in case of re-export after redelivery will be significantly reduced if airworthiness inspections of aircraft are performed by Certification Center «Aviagrand» because of compliance with Russian aviation requirements and with respect to EASA standards and compliance with redelivery conditions.
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